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Exploratory screw driving and my jeans now smell like a shop rag

It rained hard last night with the sky being lit up with flashy bolts of lighting. All of it made me sleep better. I grew up with thunder storms and they comfort me. This morning I found what seemed like a half dead squirrel on the brick driveway. It was breathing and its eyes were open. I didn’t want to touch it and the sun would be on it in a few minutes. “That will dry it up”, I thought and went for my run. Sure enough it was gone by the time I came back.

As soon as I got the Green Monster parked and blasting Lamb of God the rain came back so I had to keep the bike inside its small spaced home. With no proper flat working spaces the nearby tractor hood served me well as I started to attack my carbs.
I’ve never seen the insides and I was surprised by how clean everything looked once I removed the covers. Sure the gaskets were a little worn but things seemed in place and tight. I unscrewed the jets one at a time and sprayed carb cleaner at them. That took practice because the first press sent a solid stream of cleaner straight at my exposed hand alerting all my nicks and scratches to agony.
Satisfied that things were clean enough I replaced the parts and started her back up. WaBoom! goes my dear and she grumbles heavily idling fine. Playing with the air screws doesn’t seem to do much for carb #3 so it may be working now.

Tomorrow she goes back to the shop for more tuning.


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